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Health is not valued till sickness comes [96]

Go Jabs is proud to put comprehensive travel health advice and a full travel vaccination and malaria prevention service within easy reach.

With outbreaks of communicable diseases making regular headlines across the world, our information and partner pharmacy travel health services can help inform and protect yourself, friends and family before travelling.

It’s not just a matter of packing the right clothing, sun lotion or mosquito repellent. It’s about understanding the risk of contracting a serious, potentially life threatening disease whilst travelling abroad. By better protecting travelers, we are reducing the risk associated with exposure to over 13 serious yet preventable infectious diseases common in many overseas countries.

In a world you can cross in a day, there’s not only the personal risk of contracting an infectious disease whilst travelling, but also the potential for a disease to travel home with you and spread to those around you with no immunity.

We see Go Jabs role as your partner in travel health, not only in educating people to the hidden risks of overseas travel, but as importantly in helping people find and choose the most appropriate protection for their trip.

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